Seletra is an unique online portal, where you will be able to easily locate, and get in touch with the very best of wedding and event professionals, in your desired location - Domestically or abroad!

Take a look around and maybe you will discover countries and professionals that you might not have considered before your seletra exploration!

By creating a Seletra user profile you will be able to :

  • Create any kind of partyplan for upcoming parties or future parties
  • Connect yourparties toyourpersonalcelebrationcalendar
  • Create partyplan collages
  • Discover and connect with the best selectionofprofessionalproviders worldwide
  • Save yourfavoriteproviders, and connectthem to yourevents
  • Stay in touchwithprofessionals, whithSeletramessages
  • Createyourpersonaltravelmap – and youcanshare it withyourfriends
  • Rate/reviewproviders and attachyourpersonal images

With our intuitive Seletra map, you will be able to quickly research from east to west and north to south, without needing to visit multiple sites and search engines throughout the process, saving you valuable time and helping you easily locate the right people, in the right places.

Select country, continent or the whole world if you like.. and take a look at our selection of professionals. 

You can look at provider profiles and save them to tour favorites list, when you have created your FREE user profile

Whatever you choose to celebrate and wherever you wish to celebrate it, is entirely your choice.
Wedding, Birthday, Graduation party, Coctail party, Bachelor / Bachelorette party (Hen / Stag ), Engagement, Anniversary, Company event, Baby shower, Sweet 16, Confirmation... You name it... it`s really just up to you!
Seletra is yourgo-to global event portal
Anyone and everyone!
Seletra is ideal for anyone looking for something different and unique when it comes to organizing a celebration. And it`s a dream portal for those who are aiming for destination celebrations abroad!
It doesn’t matter on which continent you are, or what language you speak, you can plan your celebration(s) anywhere!

Just create a FREE Seletra user profile and start exploring all the magnificent celebration opportunities!
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Our ongoingmission is to show you a wide range of professionals in any destination – the world is yours to explore!
Seletra is your personal destination celebration planner portal, that does all the hard work for you!
As we know, we are the only ones who provide you with the opportunity to celebrate whatever and wherever you want, with us doing all the hard work for you.
We`re a easy to use gate, and the world is yours!

Seletra was developed by people who have themselves experienced all the exhausting challenges faced with planning destination weddings and parties.

The real arduouschallenges turned up while planning events abroad in unfamiliar locations, where also language became a major obstacle!

Anyone who has “been there, done that” knows what we`re talking about

Our headquarter team is based in Norway, Europe. And we have an amazing global dream team with local experts in multiple destinations, who makes it really easy for you to get in touch with their local professionals.

We truly hope that Seletra will help you find your dream destination, and then connect you with local professionals that will help you to organize your desired destination celebration.