About us

Our Seletra dream team is based in Norway, Europe. The website was developed by people who have themselves experienced the challenges faced with planning destination weddings and parties.

As we know, the world today offers a countless amount of unique places with the most breathtakingly beautiful locations to host a celebration event. Our mission at Seletra is to make it easier for people globally to explore these regional hidden gems without needing to spend hours and even days on end, researching and finding these unique spots. Secondly, to be able to easily get in touch with local professionals in that region who can provide any associated professional services they may need for their event.

With our intuitive Seletra map, you will be able to quickly research from east to west and north to south, without needing to visit multiple sites and search engines throughout the process, saving you valuable time and helping you easily locate the right people, in the right places.

At Seletra we have seen the trend of destination celebration trend increasing rapidly, people from all over the world love to travel, and an increasing number of people choose to host their celebrations outside of their own country.